chef preparing food

MidCoast Catering specializes in creative menu options for any occasion or event. Our name is inspired by our location here in Duluth, Minnesota. We combine the refined food culture of the East Coast with the experimental spirit of the West Coast to create something totally unique here on the coast of Lake Superior. Couple that with our desire to serve and our spirited service and you’ll be amazed by your overall experience.


Our Story

My name in Jonathan Reznick and I’m the owner of Midcoast Catering and the Rambler food-truck. I started serving food on the streets of Duluth in July of 2012 after hearing about the food trucks in San Diego from a friend of mine. Initially I thought about the ‘Roach Coaches’ that I knew from Navy, which turned me off completely, but after doing more research I started to see all of the possibilities that a food truck could bring. Eventually, I found a person in Miami who’d been building food trucks for 15 years and they custom built our truck for us.

I flew down to Miami in May of 2012 to pick up the completed truck but on my way back, just outside of Atlanta, the transmission went out. I was forced to tow it back to Miami where the custom shop made all necessary repairs, luckily, at no extra cost. After 4 days of waiting, the truck was finally ready to go, and I made the long trek back to Duluth.

After pulling all required permits for Duluth, we started preparation for our first event – Bridge Fest. The truck and our team performed exactly as planned and our best selling dish was Teriyaki pulled-pork (which is still on our menu today). Over the past 5+ years we’ve partnered with a variety of businesses, festivals and events as a staple dining option for people on the go. Slowly, the community started to request our food for special events and catering, especially during the winter months, when we can’t have the truck on the streets.

The demand for our food finally reached the point where I decided to start a separate catering company with a newly renovated kitchen in West Duluth. With the catering company, we hope to provide the same kind of creativity and energy associated with the Rambler but with the reliability and service that you can’t always get from a mobile kitchen. We’re very excited for this next chapter and we hope you’ll consider us next time you plan an event or wedding, we can promise that the food will be amazing!